This is me.

Because I don't post here often enough ;)

 Dear LJ, sorry for leaving you all alone :P

I'm doomed. I added another FB game the other day! Gaah XD ! And today, well, today France will play its (probable) last game in the World Cup. Geesh. A bunch of whiny babies, that's what our players are this year. Except, maybe, one or two, but the group dynamic ? Meh, horrible.

Oh well. At least France made some people laugh this year... although I don't think the fans who actually paid to go to South Africa are really happy with the performance. Losing is one thing when you do your best, but looking like a moron is another.

This is me.

Writer's Block: Up in the Air

Do you ever call friends or use the Internet when flying or do you use airplane time as an opportunity to unwind, read, or talk to strangers? How do you usually pass the time when you’re in the air?

I usually take things to read, sometimes even my music (although most of the time it doesn't quite work since I can't really hear the music), then snacks (airport shops are the best excuse EVER to buy snacks haha) and some paper and a pen because I never know what silly idea may come to mind. 

I don't really talk to strangers (especially not in that context) except if they start conversations. And my phone stays in my pocket somewhere. 

Sleep is usually out of the question. 1) I can't seem to fall asleep in planes and 2) Now that it's official that I snore (but not just snore, like SNOREOMGWTFBBQ) I won't dare trying to sleep :p .

This is me.

Since I have a boyfriend, I shouldn't complain, but this is VERY FUNNY (sarcasm) .

In November 2009, I had two accounts on two different websites to meet  men to date. Heh, I didn't like being single, the guy I wanted didn't want me, I had to move on, right ?

So I met *one* guy off the first website. I can even find the exact day we met : November 22nd, 2009. I even have an LJ entry for the next day, lmao. 

Link to the post in question here.

Through some twist of fate, we ended up on each other's FB friends list. And well... I'm pretty relieved I didn't get to "date" the guy!

See here why :

Today : posted status that if people don't get what happened between he and his ex-gf, they suck.
Saturday : found the "woman of his life" .
March 6th : is "happy" and thanks his GF (I presume the "new one")
December 14th, 2009 : Ex-GF posts a pic of him and his kid with the title "Her two loves" 
November 24th, 2009 : Ex-GF posts about him on his status
November 20th, 2009 : Ex-GF posts that "she loves her BF" on his status.

So basically, the guy is almost a cheating bastard (Edit : given what happened between us then, screw this, he IS a cheating bastard), since I don't know of what was happening between them at the time. To think I... EWWWWWWWWWW!

Eww, eww, eww, ewwwwwwwwwwwww. And more.

I'm SO glad Vincent is around!
Heroes - Suresh - 01

Smile, smile smile ^^

You know your life has turned for the best (even if you don't know how long it will last) when your biggest concern of the day is to look through the cupboards to see if the chocolate you want to use to bake your cake is expired or not.

I love that "relationship" thing :) . It feels good and rewarding, even though I can feel good by myself, mind you. It's just that being able to share simple things with someone you love feels ten times better (I love you too Mom but you made me what I am now, so I think you know me well :P ) . 

I'm very grateful for what is happening to me. I do not know what the future has in store for me, I'm glad enough that I got this chance. I feel honored, in a way.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah. Well, time to go out. I'm missing the eggs and butter for the chocolate cake :D .
This is me.

I can't help it!

There. I'm happy. Nervous, happy, bouncy, didn't eat lunch, I don't care.

I cannot wait for Friday evening. Srsly. OMGWTFBBQ.

If that's 100 % what I think it is, then it was worth the wait.

This is me.

Today will be... a rant :D ! [Slight swearing ahead]

Part One :

Yes, I said I gave up some treats. BUT. That doesn't mean you (yes, William, this is for you :D) get to berate me in public because *gasp* I drank a glass of Coca-Cola on Sunday and put *gaspgaspgasp* sugar on my strawberries.  Fuck this. 


Sandrine eats her strawberries with SUGAR!

And WHIPPED CREAM when she has some on hand!


Part Two :

Yes, I picked up a mug to examine it. Yes, it probably looked liked "squeeeeeeeeeeTinkerbellcupsqueeeeeeeeeeeprettyprettyprettyyyyyyyyyyy". It does NOT, however, means "Buybuybuybuyprettypleasebuybuybuy" . Come on. I'm almost 27.  Not a kid anymore. I might play that game with Mom to amuse her, but I could have bought the mug myself (I bought a ring instead, lol) . So yeah, William, Vincent did see me do this and bought me the mug, but honestly ? The way you talk to me about it, I almost feel like a whore getting showered with presents by her pimp or something. You never said this, of course, and I know you don't think I'm one, either, but DAMMIT. You sounded so... judgemental... it made me a little sad. But guess what, you're like my little brother, so I guess I still love you, LOL.

"Kids" nowadays... tsk tsk!

Part Three :

Crap, didn't get to get on the Big Thunder Mountain ride. Maybe next time!

(Cause at least, I did Pirates of the Caribbean :D !)
This is me.

So, am I starting a diet or what ?

Apparently, yes, but today doesn't count because we had guests over.

But other than that, let's see what my plan is... 

1) Giving up Coca-Cola.
2) Giving up on eating milk chocolate as I used to (and this includes Kinder-type sugary things) .
3) Switching to Fisherman's Friend "mint" every two hours approximately. That feels good for the throat :P
4) Switching to drinking mint tea-flavored water (or whathaveyou) . 

Even though I ate "junk" food today, I'll stick to one now : a beef-jerky like thing that is sold at the Chinese supermarket, and it's just... very nice. :P Blame that one Vincent, he's the one who made me taste it :D !

Why now, you might ask ? Well, I'm tired. I'm tired of thinking I'm happy with myself... while hurting. My legs are starting to hurt more, even though I still walk around just fine. SO!

Diet, diet, diet, diet. I'll be able to appreciate "good" restaurants more (even if they won't be every week) . I'll be able to feel good... and maybe just maybe I'll lose enough weight to buy fancier clothing to go to a cousin's wedding in July... I can't wait :P !